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A leaking tap is never something to be happy about. It could cause hassle, especially if you are hands-on in your kitchen. Whether you are a plumber or not, you must be aware of specific common reasons for tap leak. While most leaking taps have tell-tale signs externally, it is essential to know your faucet behavior to spot any hidden damage. In this article, we are going to discuss why leaky pipes and taps occur.

Minute Damages on the pipes

why leaky pipes and taps occur

There are often small signs that something isn’t quite right. You would usually be able to spot a creaky water pipe leading to a tap, little drips below a tap or a wash-basin, rusting, buckling, or some wall seepage around your taps. These are warning signs to immediately activate plumbing services or someone who knows what they’re doing. They may be small and minute, but if you do not look for these damages, you might end up losing the whole faucet. This could be a plumbing problem if you do not fix this immediately.

Water in pipes freeze

Person Washing Hands

External piping is very vulnerable to places with low freezing temperatures. Under such circumstances, the water has the potential to turn into ice, increasing the volume of the water. This is commonly a reason for pipes to crack open. We can remedy that with a few tricks. Make sure that you wrap them with an insulating material or cloth if your pipes are generally exposed to cold temperatures. The alternative is to leave the faucet slightly open. Usually, the dripping flow of water is sufficient to prevent water from freezing.

Worn down washers

Screw, Thread, Technology, Screw Nut, Metal

Even though a house can be very well-maintained, washers found in plumbing equipment usually wear off over time. When they fail, you should be prepared to encounter a leaking tap! You will probably need plumbing services to help fix your leaking tap. Always check your tap spigots and faucets for drips to save cost on utilities!

Cartridge damage

Close-Up Photo of Water Drop

A cartridge faucet is named as such because inside its handle is a movable cartridge made of brass or plastic. This cartridge, whether you may notice it or not, may end up getting damaged. You can quickly fix a leaky faucet cartridge if you notice them before they go worse. Our plumbers recommend replacing a new one and retrofitting them in the exact spot where the worn-out, damaged one is found. However, in case of mechanical damage, it is best to shut off the water supply and go for a tap replacement. It is important to note here that you use a cartridge of matching dimensions as a replacement, or else just get a professional plumber to take care of it.

Water Pressure

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Homeowners may often find that their leaking faucet only occurs at certain times of the day, or a particular pattern over a week. It may be worth considering whether the water pressure in the leaking faucet is too high. High pressure usually prevents water from flowing away beyond a certain point, causing it to well up in the pipeline. This causes the nearest available outlet, a tap or a toilet overflow tank, to give way, resulting in a leaking faucet. If your flooring is wood or carpet, this may cause further damage to your home. To solve this problem, merely adjusting the water pressure for a smoother, uniform flow across the pipes will prevent a leaking tap from happening again.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, the common reasons for having a leaking tap and ensure that the plumbing services are activated in time to prevent water damage. By being familiar with the reasons why leaky pipes and taps occur, you will not be hard in maintaining it for a long time.

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