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E-wastes are referred to as electronic wastes, which are discarded electronic devices such as computers, laptop, mobile phones, chargers, TV, refrigerators, and other devices that are operated using electricity.

These wastes are harmful when they are not properly disposed of or recycled. They contain some poisonous chemicals that are hazardous for the health of people and the environment. Hence, they must be properly disposed by bringing them to appropriate recycling centers.

List of E-wastes Recycling Centers

If you are living in Singapore, you may consider the following recycling centers where you can bring your e-wastes.

Computers, Laptops, Phones, Chargers, DVD Players, MP3 Players, Chargers, Plugs, Cables


The Recycling Nation’s Electronic Waste has around 466 green RENEW bins located at 418 areas. All you need to do is drop your e-wastes on any of these bins. The dimension of the e-waste must be 47 cmx12 cm. To see the list of the nearest bin in your community, you may take a look at StarHub’s website at http://www.starhub.com/about-us/corporate-sustainability/recycling-nations-electronic-waste.html.

RENEW is in partnership with StarHub, DHL, and TES-AMM for sustainability efforts and disposing properly the electronic wastes.

2. Virogreen Pte Ltd

Address: 31 Tuas Avenue 11, 639105

Website: http://www.virogreen.net/

3. ReCYCLE Singtel’s E-Waste Recycling Programme

Website: https://www.singtel.com/

You can mail your recyclables particularly phones or accessory at Singtel. You may also drop them on any selected stores. For more detailed information, you may visit their website. For the list of locations for recycle bins, please visit this website http://recycle.sg/.

4. Tradein

You may trade your e-wastes at Tradein for a price. Simply, visit their website at https://tradein.sg.

5. City Square Mall E-Waste Recycling Programme

You may bring you electrical devices, irons, and old kettles at City Square Mall and go to L2 Customer Service Counter.

6. SYH Secure Data Desctruction Electronic Waste Recycling

Address:  110 Tuas South Avenue 3, #03-04, 637369

Website: http://seahyongheng.com.sg/

7. Li Tong Recycle

Li Tong offers free pick-up for Apple devices. But, first you need to fill up their online form. Then, they will send confirmation. Upon confirming, you may send your e-waste using that shipping code that is sent to your email. For inquiries, you may contact them at [email protected].

8. HP Planet Partners Programme

You may bring your old HP and non-HP equipment and HP supplies to HP Planet Partners Programme. First, you must sign up at their website www.hp.com and fill up the product take-back form. Simply, follow the instructions that are stated in their website.

9. Dell’s Free Consumer Take Back Services

Visit www.dell.com and fill up their online form for computers and Dell ink and toners. The courier will pick up your e-wastes. It’s simple, but this is exclusive only for Dell products.

Ink and Toner Cartridges

Project Homecoming-Joint Brand Ink & Toner Cartridge Reycling

1. Geylang East Public Library

Address: 50 Geylang East Avenue 1

2. Bishan Public Library

Address: 5 Bishan Place, 579841

3. National Library Building

Address: 100 Victoria Street, 188064

4. Marine Parade Public Library

Address: 278 Marine Parade Road, Marine Parade Community Building

5. Bedok Public Library

Address: 11 Bedok North Street 1, 469662

Light Bulbs

Drop your light bulbs on the following centers:

1. B&L Light Bath Pte Ltd

Address: No.6 Ubi Road, 1 Wintech Centre #01-12, Singapore-408726

2. New Sound Electrical

Address: 1 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01-4526, Singapore 150001

3. Everyday Lights

Address: 717 Yishun St 71, #01-319, Singapore 760717

4. Three Cubes

Address: 55 Siglap Road, #01-06, Siglap Centre, Singapore 455871


1. Global Lamp Recycles

This recycling center can remove the toxic chemicals such as mercury from lamps and other light bulbs safely. Take your old lamps and lighting at their centers on the following locations:

  • Punggol East, Punggol South, Punggol North, Tampines Central, Tampines East
  • Community centers and residents’ committees
  • Website: https://lamprecyclers.wixsite.com

Also, for  a list of the e-wastes recycling centers in Singapore, you may also visit this website https://www.nea.gov.sg/our-services/waste-management/3r-programmes-and-resources/e-waste-management/where-to-recycle-e-waste

Take part in making the environment a safe place to live by recycling your e-wastes properly. All you need to do is bring them to the nearest recycling centers or to the above recycling centers mentioned above.

You may also trade in some of them and keep a little amount of money that you can use to buy new electronic device. Be wise and environment-friendly. Indeed, it’s cool and worth it!





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Where to Drop E-Wastes in Singapore

E-wastes are referred to as electronic wastes, which are discarded electronic devices such as computers, laptop, mobile phones, chargers, TV, refrigerators, and other devices that are operated using electricity. These...

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