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Most people living in condominiums are longing to have a garden in their flats or along the corridor. Well, it is possible now through the application of vertical gardening, which is a new form of planting use in a limited space.

You can actually grow any kinds of plants such as flowers, ornamental plants, and vegetables right in your cramped space with vertical gardening. To know further about it, you may read some details about this creative form of gardening.

What is a vertical gardening

A vertical gardening is the planting of any kinds of plants and vegetables using the vertical airspace. The planting is done upwards and not outwards just like most people do when they plant in the soil in their gardens.

In vertical gardening, you may use pots, hanging pots, or apply a hydroponic system. All you need to do is to use your walls and just make a frame to put your potted plants. You can also make planters and attached them on your wall. There are many options that you can make in vertical gardening and these things will be discussed below.

Why use vertical gardening in your flat

The main goal of vertical gardening is to have a garden in your home, in a cramped space, or along your unit’s corridor. Yes, you can have your own garden right inside your home. And this is made possible through vertical gardening.

Many people have their own herb garden or flowering garden right inside their homes because of this type of gardening. Hence, with vertical gardening, your home will become beautiful and at the same time can harvest your own fresh vegetables.

How to add a vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is not a complex thing to do. There are many options that you can use in your vertical garden. To achieve this, we have listed below some steps on how to make a suitable vertical gardening in your small space.

1. Determine what type of garden you like

First, know what type of vertical garden you like for your home. You may choose from the following:

  •    Trellis-type

The trellis is best for hanging plants. You may construct a small trellis just in front of your window in which the rays of the sun can pass through. In this way, your plants may receive the sun’s rays in the morning making your plants grow and healthy. After constructing the trellis, acquire hanging pots with beautiful flowering or ornamental plants. Hang them on the trellis. Indeed, this will beautify the interiors of your home, making it fresher and more appealing.

  •    Plant Rack

A plant rack is an alternative for the trellis. You may purchase a plant rack for about $40 in some gardening shops. Place the plant rack in front of your windows or along the corridor of your unit. Some plant racks have ready-made pots attached to them and you can just grow plants directly in the pots with soil. Other plant racks have steel horizontal and vertical steel frames in which you can hang the pots with the plants. Most plants suitable for the plant racks are herbs, ornamental, flowering, or even leafy vegetable plants.

  •    Pocket garden

A pocket garden consists of a container of plants that are made of felt or canvass and look like pockets. It can be attached or hanged on your walls. You can plant directly in the containers. Overall, the pocket garden looks comely in a small space.

  •    Plastic or wooden wall planters

You can also make wooden planters proportion in your wall and attached them on your wall. You can also display them in rows. Certainly, they will look beautiful. Another alternative is plastic planters. However, in this case, you need plant containers.

  •    Hydro garden

The hydro garden uses the hydroponic system in which you do not use soil. You can go vertical with a hydroponic system. In a hydroponic system, the plants are fed using a special solution and then a pump transport the minerals to the plant roots. Here is some information on how to grow a hydro garden.  

2. Know where to place your garden

You may decide where to place your garden. It may be indoors or outside along the corridor. Make sure that the plants have exposure to sunlight to ensure its growth. Experts also suggest that plants can have half-exposure to the sun. Some plants can grow and live without sunlight. You can place these plants inside your home, preferably in the living area.

3. Decide on which plant type

What type of plants do you prefer to grow in your vertical garden? You may choose from flowering plants, ornamental, herbs, succulents, or vegetable plants. If you want to grow your own food then you may opt for vegetable plants and herbs, which are easy to maintain and flexible. Besides, they are a healthy food. In case, you want something that could refresh your house in the morning, the flowering or ornamental plants are advisable. Likewise, you may mix the types of plants for better purposes.

4. Opt for potting soil

Experts said that you must use potting soil for vertical gardening. The potting soil keeps hold of the water and the moisture. Also, you may place the plants that do not need as much water on the top part because that part dries quickly and place the ones that need much water at the bottom.

5. Maintain your vertical garden

Of course, you need to maintain your garden regularly. Since it is placed mostly indoors or along the corridor, you need to remove excess water from the pots when watering them. You have to remove dried leaves that fall on the ground as well as the weeds to make your plants healthy. Also, put fertilizer, if needed.

Vertical gardening is found to be promising and rewarding for your home. Indeed, you can grow your own food or make your home beautiful with this innovative type of gardening.

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