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Minimalist interior design is becoming popular nowadays. If you are the type of person who likes simplicity, yet sophisticated and functional in design then minimalist decoration is perfect for you.

In minimalist design, you use simple and natural forms that create an elegant effect in space. To achieve a minimalist design in your home, we have listed some decorations  tips that we think can transform your home into a cozy and serene place.

1. Decorate with a purpose

Decorative items serve a purpose in minimalist design. For example, lighting fixtures such as pendant lights or recessed lighting and even pottery have all certain practical purposes in the home. Creating an accent on walls such as one or two portraits can convey minimalism. However, a collage of art pieces does not signify minimalism.

2. Less furniture

You will notice in minimalist interiors, there is less furniture. You may incorporate your dining into your kitchen island counter with fewer bar stools. In the bedroom, you may only have your minimalist bed with headboard, a planter, and a bedside table that all flow in one unity, which is one character of a minimalism.

3. Defined lines and flat surfaces

Minimalism enhances the furniture and other objects in the room by having clean and defined lines and flat surfaces. One example of this is that you may leave your window as it is and your cabinets and drawers without handles. The kitchen counter is also free from any other things.

4. Declutter

One mark of minimalist interior design is tidiness. This means that you must remove things such as keys, books, gloves, pans, candles, utensils, and other accessories and things from your tables and counters. You have to declutter things and keep them in the proper place. In case, they are not needed anymore, you may dispose of them or give them away. You may keep only the essentials and store them properly.

5. Opt for light and pastel shades

Light and pastel colours are the hues for minimalist design. You may choose white, light gray, beige, and other pastel colours. You may use one or two colours. Also, you can add a brighter hue but limit it to one or two. You may combine beige and white, gray and white, light brown and white, light yellow and white, among others.

6. Use concrete and wooden flooring

Concrete and wood flooring are the materials mostly used for minimalist design. These materials reflect a more stylish and contemporary tone. Although, some minimalist architects favor the use of industrial steel and glass in furnishings and structure because of their simplicity in nature.  Likewise, you can also add a rug on the floor, which could warmth the room.

7. Leave some spaces empty

One of the significant elements of minimalist is an empty space. You will notice in some minimalist interiors, there are empty spaces with no distraction. However, you need to incorporate balance and have some focal points such as adding a mirror, painting, and planters, among others. However, limit their number.

8. Let natural light come in

You may leave your windows bare to let the natural light come inside your home. This will contribute to having a minimalist style. You may also opt for sheer curtains in which the sunlight can pass through easily and brighten your home.

9. Make use of simple objects

Minimalism is all about simplicity. You can make use of simple objects to bring a natural or appealing effect in your space. For example, in the living room, colourful pillows or an attractive mirror or painting on the wall may catch your eye. These simple objects may stand out in a minimalist design.

Minimalism design is light, organize, and free. It is a combination of simplicity, practicality, and refinement. If you prefer a minimalist design, take into account the above points and make your home a haven of charm and grace.

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