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At present environment and lifestyle that we live in, maintaining home security is a big challenge.  With the uprising crime rates all over the world, investing in home security is a must-have. We all live in a suspecting environment, so a little precaution is never a bad thing. Especially if we’re talking about home protection, family and belongings. 

You might think that installing double locks among our doors and windows is enough. You better think twice. Because as the world modernizes, criminals and ill-hearted people also coped up with this advancement.  A little investment in security gives a lot of good returns. This includes peace of mind at all times. Check out as we share things to upgrade for your home security.  We have the tech must-haves for a safer home. 

1. Have extra eyes with Smart Home Cameras. 

Have extra eyes with Smart Home Cameras

People might think that installation of CCTV or closed-circuit television cameras is enough. But as the days pass by, the advancement of technology reinvented and improved the usual CCTV. You can now have an upgrade with a smart home camera. These are cameras which works like the CCTV. It’s just that they had a major upgrade by having them connected into an internet link. This enables you to keep track of the happenings on your watch areas in real time. As you can access the stream over your smartphones and tablets on all places possible. This will surely lessen the criminal interest inside and outside your homes. As you can not only watch the activities of intruders. It also gives you to keep an eye to check the activities of people living with you inside the home. 

Most household moms said that having a smart home camera gives them a peace of mind whenever they leave their kids with in-house nannies. They might be outside for work, its at least they can still monitor the activities inside their homes.

Installation cost:  SGD 500 – SGD 1100

2. Secure entries with a Door / Gate Communication Lock.

Secure entries with a Door / Gate Communication Lock

Might sound common to install passcode locks in our doors or gates. As of today, they went the extra mile with this useful home security gadget. The newer version of doors/gate locks includes communication feature. It might be installed on two different areas at home, it is always good to check first the people knocking on our doors or gates. The communication lock works like a fusion of a peephole, telephone and lock code access in one. Once the doorbell rings, you can easily check the face of the person knocking on the door. And its job doesn’t end there. It also enables you to talk to them even at a distance. Statistics say that installation of this device secures homes up to 30% more than the usual peepholes. As the homeowner can now totally control the entrances and exits of the people into their houses. 

Installation cost:  SGD 400 – SGD 800

3. Bluetooth/Internet Padlocks.

Bluetooth/Internet Padlocks

This next device is perfect for a budget-limited security upgrade. The Bluetooth/internet padlock looks like your typical padlock.  But is totally innovated with its Bluetooth or internet unlocking and locking feature. All you have to do is to secure it with a passcode over the usage of an internet connection, or by Bluetooth. This makes it difficult for intruders to sneak into your house by using the old way of padlock unlocking techniques. It is secured by military grade device encryption. There’s no other way to open it. It is only by your cellphones or tablets. You also don’t have to worry, as every movement or fiddling made on the padlock also sends a notification right into your devices. So you can now check it real time if some villains are trying to touch your home padlock.  

There are some other brands which feature an indestructible built.  That no matter what tool they use to break it, they can’t. So you better check this one now, as it will surely keep your home and even small personal boxes and vaults safe. 

Installation cost:  SGD 80 – SGD 160 (per piece)

4. Be notified by Multipurpose Alarms.

Be notified by Multipurpose Alarms

When you hear the word alarm, fire surely pops first into your mind. But that was decades ago. The technological advancement we have today upgraded our usual alarms. These are now called multipurpose alarms. As it can do all of the jobs in just one gadget.  It is able to act as a smoke and earthquake detector, which can also turn on the home sprinklers. Added to that is its security feature that rings an alarm all over the house to notify people that there is an emergency. This gadget is very useful if you have kids and senior members of the family inside your home. Because home security is not just about bad people.

It also deals with the emergency situation that may arise in a household. By having the multipurpose alarm, you can train family members, and home occupants what to do in case they hear the ring. It keeps them safe from further accidents and injuries that might follow during emergency circumstances. 

Installation cost:  SGD 300 – SGD 400 (per piece)

5. Connect through the internet with a Smart Router. 

Connect through the internet with a Smart Router

Most of the gadgets mentioned require an internet connection. So it is not only the house that needs that 100% security. Having your mobile devices controlling your security gadget over the internet, you should invest in a smart router. The smart router checks in and give you an overview of the devices who are connected in your link.  It also gives you a summary on their internet connection duration and browsing history. This device enables unregistered gadgets to gain access inside your smart home security network. It also added the plus of a good parenting hack to monitor the activities of the kids on the internet. So if your home is secured with internet connected gadget, this is a must. 

Installation cost:  SGD 300 – SGD 400 (per piece)

It might sound a little bit tricky, but criminals and villains are also getting trickier. So having a note on the price tag that each of this device has, you must not have second thoughts. As the primary investment that we should look at inside our homes is the security. If you are unsure of what of these will perfectly fit your home, you can call for an assistance from home maintenance centers. They are the perfect guide on what to choose, and could even do the installation for you.

Always remember that a secured home makes a happier household. It even gives you the extra joy of having a peace of mind that your home is totally secured. Because it is always said that hundreds of dollars is worthless compared to a peaceful and secured home

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