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Summer time is here! One of the most enjoyable seasons for everyone. The heat of the sun that would make you leave your house. Most people go to beach, malls, rivers, or other places that they would enjoy their summer vacation. Or so people simply want to throw parties at their house, grill some barbecue or steak. 

But, did you know that summer season have the most cases of fire? Whether you are staying at your house or go somewhere the rest of the summer, there will be a possibility that your house might get fire if you are not careful enough. To keep you safe, you may reckon the following fire prevention and safety tips.  

Summer Fire Facts & Statistics 

  • The rubber chute is the primary root of fire in Singapore.
  •  In 2018, about 2,657 fires broke out in the residential areas in Singapore and around 50% of them came from rubbish chute fires. 
  • In 2016, 2818 fires occurred in Singapore. 
  • In 2015, U.S reported over 2,500 people was killed by a fire and 13,000 people were injured because of appliances.

Appliances That May Cause Fire

  • Refrigerator. You likely believe that refrigerator can’t cause fires because it is used to cool stuff. But, it can without proper maintenance. The inner lights that would not turn off can cause fire too.
  • Television. Depending on where you put your TV can cause a fire. TV should be put in a position with adequate air circulation. 
  • Microwave. Microwave is the easiest food heater specially if you are in a hurry, and because it can produce warmth, it can produce fire if not practice the right way.
  • Dishwasher. Dishwasher is one of the most causes of fire among the appliances. It has elements that can wet the dishes and dry. This can cause a fire specially if it is too old or faulty.
  • Toaster. Any appliances that produce heat can cause fire and one of them is toaster. If faulty and old, you might want to consider buying a new one
  • Electric Stove. An electric stove is a fire producer through electricity, then it can cause fires when wrongly use. Proper maintenance is needed for its smooth functioning.
  • Electric Grill. Electric grill uses electricity to grill so be careful on using it because it can cause a fervor.
  • Every appliance that produces heat or uses’ electricity can cause fires so be sure to double check your faulty appliances and consider buying a new one.

Other Things That Cause Fire

  • Electrical wires. About 90% percent of houses around the world uses electricity for their convenience. Electricity shortage can cause fire. Maintenance is highly required.
  • Matches and Candles. Kids do love to play with fire! You’ve probably done lighting a candle using a match. It feels so amazing. But the reason why houses were burned because kids always play fire.
  • Cigarettes. Smoking anywhere within your home without properly disposing of the cigarette butt will lead to a flame.
  • Gas Stove.  Well, it is gas so it would cause a fire if not properly use. There are cases that gas stoves are exploding so be very careful.
  • Flammable liquids. One example of this is spray paint. Some children love to play spray paint and try to add fire on it just to make merriment. In some instances, flammable liquids explode, so be careful in using them. 
  • Light or lamp shade. Most of the lamp shade are placed beside the bed. Have you tried putting a paper into the light and in just a matter of minutes, the paper is burnt? So be careful not to put your lamp shade near objects that are easy to burn. 
  • Charcoal Grill. For other people, charcoal grill is much safer than the electric grill. But still produces heat, which may also cause a fire.

Safety Tips and Prevention

  • Before leaving your house make sure to turn off your appliances or lights. The best way is to go to your main power provider, (Circuit Breaker) and turn off the main switch so that in case that you forget to turn off one of your appliances, your main power is off. Turning off your appliances, lights or anything that uses electricity will prevent a fire.
  • If you decide to have a summer vacation at your house and have a party, make sure that your things or appliances are working properly and are not faulty. Besides, all the appliances that can cause fire should be invested separately from any objects that can be fired easily.
  • I would advise that if you desire to grill your favorite foods, do it outside your home. If you are using an electric grill, it is better if you use an electric extension of the power plug. If you are applying a charcoal grill, make certain that you put out the flammable liquid that you used to fire the charcoal and always hold a pail of water beside the grill.
  • Always check your appliances for maintenance. If its faulty and old, you better buy a new one rather than exchanging your life.
  • Always contact an electrician for the upkeep of your electricity and appliances. You wouldn’t require accepting a faulty power plug and wires in your household. 
  • Know where to place those items that can cause fire. Matches and candle, flammable liquids should be placed on a place that your kids cannot reach. Also, I would suggest that those items should be placed far from flammable things. 
  • If you have a dirty kitchen, you may place your gas stove there and not inside your house. Always put it in a cool place.
  • If you are smoking, make sure that you put water on your ash tray.  Always be careful not to drop your cigarette on foams like sofa, bed etc.  
  • Educate your children about fire safety tips too. 

With proper maintenance, caution, and discipline, you can prevent fire and enjoy the rest of the summer. Follow the above safety tips and pretty certain you and your home will be safe.

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