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All people around the globe produce tons of waste each day. Landfills are full of trashes and they are burned or sunk. The thing is burning trashes is harmful to the environment.

One solution for this is to take action on what you can make out with these scraps. It is advisable and wise to take into account the 3 R’s. Here are some details about these ways in cutting down the household waste.

The Three R’s

The three ways to decrease the impact of the household waste are the 3 R’s namely Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These can help in cutting down the trashes that are thrown in the landfills, which can conserve natural resources, and energy. It can save landfill space and money. And then, how do these ways work?


Reduce is defined as to make smaller or less in quantity. This means that to control the household waste you must lessen its use and production. You must also cut the number of materials you throw away. You can practice this by observing the guidelines below:

  • Seldom or do not use paper towels or paper diapers, rather use a dishcloth or cloth diapers. With this, you can pull through a substantial sum of paper every year.
  • You may opt for electronic mail than stacks of paper mails and can save about 70 tons of paper per year.
  • As much as possible do not use disposable products like paper cups, paper plates, napkins, lighters, and razors. These are frequently given aside after one usage and they are produced all over again, which costs much, and demand of these materials are high.
  • Consider buying goods or appliances that are of high-quality and long-lasting. This is because you can use them for a long time, which can save money and landfill space.
  • Avoid over-the-counter packaged goods that are packed using paper, plastic, and foil. These materials must be conserved particularly the paper. They are not easy to recycle. Besides, you will have additional payment for these packaging materials.
  • Consider buying in bulk because you can save on packaging, which means fewer materials and pay less.


Some people are not accustomed to reuse other household products. In all likelihood, they do not know how and where to recycle them or just like fresher ones. Reuse is very helpful for you and the environment. It can save you a significant amount of money and help in cleaning and maintaining the environment. The following are some of the steps that you can reuse some items:

  • Gather and collect plastic bags that you have taken from stores and markets. Make it a habit of placing or using these plastic bags into garbage liners, food storage, toy and decoration storage, mini garbage bins, laundry bag when you travel, and crafting them as decors, and flowers, among others. You can manage many things out of plastic bags. Simply, collect them and lay them in safe seats to avoid being pests.
  • Repair damage appliances and reuse them once more. In this way, you are keeping a heap instead of throwing them away. You can also keep the money instead of purchasing fresh ones.
  • Utilise some of your old clothes as rugs or dishcloth. You may also trade some of them or donate them to those in demand.
  • Sell old appliances and furniture by having garage sales or you may also give them out to charities.
  • Probably, you have lots of your children’s toys. You may sell them or donate them to other children instead of throwing them out in the landfill.
  • To conserve nature or trees you may use ceramic coffee mugs rather paper cups. Avoid using paper plates, and cups. Or you may reuse them in some manner.
  • You may also use resealable containers than using plastic wraps.
  • If you know how to make a paper, you may collect old newspapers and magazines and convert them into new papers or storage boxes or notebooks.


One common option that many people do to most household products or items is to recycle. Things such as paper, glass, aluminum or tin cans, plastic, and even yard trimmings can be recycled. There are other ways on how to recycle. Among them are the following:

  • The foremost thing you must do when you buy things is to look for the recycling symbol. The symbol can either be the product can be recycled or it has a recycled material. You must purchase an item with a recycle symbol. One instance of this is the plastic containers that accept a number code of what plastic it is made of and if it can be recycled.

Numbers 1,2, 4, & 5 can be recycled. The numbers 3 & 6 are difficult to recycle. Those that can be recycled include common food packages, soda bottles, water bottles, hair care products, milk containers, sandwich bags, grocery bags, ropes, tubs, and clothing among others.

  • Collect recyclable materials and make use of them. Or bring them to the nearest recycling center. These include newspapers, magazines, other paper products, plastics, bottles, and metal cans.
  • Purchase recyclable materials for office or school supplies, including office equipment.
  • Recycle your kitchen food waste such as fruit and veggie peels, tea bags, and coffee grounds into a garden fertilizer, which is likewise known as composting.
  • Do not throw damaged electronic materials and appurtenances such as computers, phones, chargers, and the like. These things can occupy much space in the landfill. It is better that you take them to a recycling center. In this mode, you can keep a landfill space and keep some money out of them.

The three R’s are very helpful for your welfare and surroundings. All you require to perform is to segregate the things that can be recycled and collect the things that can be reused. Similarly, you must hold and manage the utilisation of things in a way that can be helpful for the surroundings. This will contribute to a quality life and a safer place to be in.

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