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Most people say that the kitchen is the best bonding place for every family. It is the perfect part of each house to talk over the things that had happened with everybody’s daily happenings and whereabouts.  A good kitchen and nice adorning appliances make a family bond stronger. But as we all know, food preparation in the kitchen is never that easy. It takes a lot of time, effort, and requires a good level of expertise. 

That is why there are some useful appliances and kitchen magical instruments which you may check. These appliances make our lives easier and healthier when it comes to food prep in the kitchen.  Some of these are more than just your usual kitchen gadget or appliance. There are some electronic appliances which are now multi-purpose and get a lot of jobs done in just one single operation. Check out as we share some very useful multi-purpose appliances for your kitchen. 

1. Kitchen Ingredient Cutters

Appliance / Gadget Price:  $ 5- $ 40 (depending on the product inclusions)

Kitchen Ingredient Cutters

Almost 50% of our times spent in the kitchen is allocated with the ingredient preparation. This includes the slicing and cutting of food ingredients. All moms can surely relate to this since it is the most time consuming and most stressful part of cooking. Most kitchen ingredients might make us uncomfortable. This includes the garlic, ginger, and onions when we slice them. They don’t only leave some strong smell in our hands, some also secrete phytochemicals which irritates our eyes.  Imagine having an extra hand using ingredient cutters. The kitchen ingredient cutters are a tiny gadget which you buy in bulk. They come in a group to cater your most specific need in cutting. They have intended cutting duties which vary from the ingredient you have to.

Most mothers would say that using kitchen ingredient cutters does not only save them a lot of time. It also serves a lot of different purposes in the kitchen and even makes the ingredient slicing process safer and more enjoyable. The results are way better compared to the conventionally sliced ingredients. It helps you prepare food like a master chef!

2. Food Processors

Appliance / Gadget Price:  $ 200- $ 400 (depending on the product size)

Food Processors

The modernisation of the world led to a lot of different kitchen technological advancement. Hence, the rise of the food processor as the all-new, multi-purpose kitchen appliance. Food processors are the ones that everyone should check out on top of your kitchen appliance list. This modern appliance is totally winning the hearts of everyone. Food processors win the hearts of every millennial because of its multipurpose power. It can prepare a lot of diet juices, and meals in just a snap. It can also serve as a meat grinder and pounder for burger patty and meatballs. Some also use it as “powderiser” for rice grains and coffee beans.

It is done with the two-step operation.  Load your ingredients, then press the button.  And in an instant, you’ll be able to produce the food that you want. With the help of a food processor, you are not only saving up a lot of time. But it also gives you the benefit of a healthy lifestyle. It serves as your assistant and dietitian on the kitchen.

3. Hand Blenders

Appliance / Gadget Price:  $ 30- $ 50 (depending on the brand)

Handheld blenders or hand blenders are modern siblings from our old and classic pitcher blenders. This modern kitchen appliance innovation became even more multi-purpose to serve a wider range of tasks. You can now easily break down your food or ingredients away from the clutter, and having its nutritional value well-locked. The main tasks of this gadget range from mashing, pureeing, and blending. The process of the handheld blender is very close to the traditional blender. But it is specialized to lock in food elements and better operational mobility.  It makes the sauce and juicing preparation an easy task. 

The operation starts with you loading up your ingredients in a bowl. Have them all in one place then start dipping your handheld blender to start food preparation process. It makes the process of mashing and blending less stressful by making it easier for you to check the food consistency and nutritional quality.  

4. Breakfast Makers

Appliance / Gadget Price:  $ 350- $ 500 (depending on the brand)

Breakfast Makers

It has always been coined by everyone that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  This leads to the generalisation that breakfast is also one of the most challenging meals to prepare. Right now, out in the market are the multi-purpose breakfast maker. Wherein you can easily prepare an all-in-one breakfast not only for yourself but also for the family. This multi-purpose kitchen appliance will be able to prepare a lot of morning cooking prep. There are some breakfast makers which can simultaneously brew your coffee, toast your bread, fry your sunny-side-up eggs and slices of bacon in one action. Unlike the usual ways that we have to prepare a lot of frying pans and cooker ranges to cook the food, breakfast makers are just operated by timers and buttons.

All you have to do is to put all of your food to be cooked in place, then start pressing the button.  This becomes very efficient, as it only uses a single heating mechanism to make the cooking more efficient. It maximises the appliance heat for it to be distributed into brewing, frying, toasting and reheating. 

5.  Microwave Ovens

Appliance / Gadget Price:  $ 150- $ 300 (depending on the brand)

Microwave Ovens

When we talk about the microwave, reheating is the only purpose we can think it can serve. That microwave oven function has been known for its early ages.  In less than five minutes, you can have a warm soup or even a warm main course.  Right now as the modern technology arises, microwave ovens have been improved and repowered. Making them even multi-purpose and more handy when it comes to our kitchen whereabouts. With this single, easy operated appliance, you can prepare a lot of recipes by cooking, thawing, reheating, baking and toasting with the use of microwave oven.  High powered microwave ovens can bake your cakes in lesser time compared to the conventional ovens.

It does not only save you a chunk of time. It also makes your life easier, having it operated with basic operation. You can just touch the digitiser, wait for a few moments, then your delicious meal for the family is now ready to be served. It is not only multipurpose but also save you millions with your precious time.

There are so many brilliant ways on how we can maximise our kitchen functions. knowing all of these appliances might sound very fancy and convenient, you should also consider practicality. There are still some classic kitchen appliances, which just needs your creativity to make the best out of it. Kitchen innovation doesn’t have to be expensive. It should also be practical and efficient.

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