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Be it dirty clothes, or any other garments, the washing machine is the ultimate solution to clean them. As the laundry’s go-to guy, washing machine still requires a careful operation to keep it running efficiently. An improper operation could cause an early retirement or minor damage with this handy appliance.

It has been a problem among house owners to have their washing machine replaced. More frequently than it should actually be. Check out our top tips on how to keep your washing machine running efficiently.

1. Place your washing machine on a flat level.

Placing the washing machine on a flat surface is the first step in how to make it function properly. An unbalanced placement could create some rumbles and wiggles while it does the spinning job. This makes the rotors of the appliance to hit the sidings of the main washing chamber. This is the main factor in creating some dents among our washing machines. This makes the surface of the washing chamber uneven.  This may result in more serious damages in the long run. So before you install the washing machine, always make sure that there is a flat pad on a flat surface.  Flat surface absorbs the shocks the washing machine might have during the washing process.

2. Avoid overloading your washing machine.

Just like any other appliances, the washing machine is designed to support a specific carrying capacity. It determines how much the machine could wash in a full washing cycle. A heavy load will cause the agitator of the appliance to work improperly. It will also use higher electric consumption because it will require a more powerful action.  It is better for you to divide your laundry into parts rather than having all of them loaded at once. This measure will make the washing machine work efficiently. It can make the blades rotate properly to create proper movements to remove our laundry stains.

3. Check your detergents.

Yes, checking our detergents make our washing machine run efficiently. This is due to the fact that there are some detergent brands which is not compatible with some washing machines. Make sure that your detergent brand won’t be causing any chalk build up which could intervene in the motor operation. Some detergents are also having very large particle components. This might build up over time. Especially in the detergent chamber which makes soap loading harder in the future. So as a precautionary measure, make sure to check the components of your detergent. Also, make sure that you also clean the detergent chamber occasionally.

4. Clean the machine every after wash.

Running your washing machine on an empty spin helps it to run efficiently. All you have to do it to load the appliance with a water and vinegar solution. Do this method on an empty load full spin cycle. This keeps your washing machine away from further detergent build up. This might cause a more serious problem with the blade operation. The vinegar solution also keeps the appliance away from the odor left by some garments. Doing this procedure every after a wash will surely give you an all-new washing machine experience everytime you use it. 

5. Inspect your garments before loading them. 

This is basic knowledge when it comes to laundry. But checking your garments before you wash them could help you a lot in many practical ways. You should check if there are coins, papers, or any other materials that you think could seep into the machine. Coins and papers might be stuck into the rotor which could cause an intervention with its performance. Worst case is that your washing machine’s operation could totally be stopped by a single cent left in your pocket. While paper builds up acts like a chalk/detergent build up. It could also make it harder for the propeller to operate. 

6. Regular maintenance. 

Maintaining a washing machine is not that hard. It helps to do a regular check on the water hose. This includes the electrical cables, and even the propeller blades will help a lot in making it more efficient.  It is advisable to change the water hose of the washing machine. Replace them every five years even if it does not have any sign of deterioration. However, it is also recommended to find a washing machine maintenance to do the job for you. A little mistake on the installation of any washing machine part may lead to damages. So as a simple way to keep your washing machine running smoothly, a regular maintenance is essential. 

So be it on your basic or your complex washing activity, it is always helpful to follow the mentioned steps. These are tried and tested to make the washing machine run efficiently.  It does not only make your appliance last for ages. But these tips could also help you to have cleaner garments while consuming a little amount of electricity.


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