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A healthy home is never complete without an efficient refrigerator in the kitchen. It serves as the household’s nutrition shelf.  Knowing all of those functions, it is considered as the kitchen’s tough “one.” Sometimes refrigerator’s lifespan runs shorter because of some poor maintenance practices, which leads to unhealthy storage.

Keeping the refrigerator healthy when it comes to its storage could be done in a lot of practices. It always starts with our maintenance and cleans up practices. Failure to follow such usually makes the refrigerator’s inside environment polluted. Worry no more as we share a lot of easy ways how to clean your refrigerator for healthier food storage!

Step 1: Defrost and remove the ice

The deep cleaning process starts with defrosting and ice removal. This starter will ensure that all of the moisture sources will be taken off before starting on the lower portions of the refrigerator.  This means to say that the effective healthy cleaning should always start on the freezer portion of the refrigerator. There are some refrigerators which have auto defrost features, while others still don’t. So once that all of the ice has been melted, it is now the time to remove all of the items inside the freezer. This will take the food items away from contamination. 

Defrosting also removes all of the funky smell left by the contents of the freezer. After removing all of the water content,  you can now start with the next step.

Step 2:  Remove and classify all of the contents

Always remember that a healthy refrigerator is organised and well classified. This step leads not only to making your r healthy, but it also gives you the opportunity to source out and classifies the contents.  You will be able to have a close look at the spoilage and freshness of the materials you have inside the fridge. The practice of classification will make your food contents more organised and free from contaminating a content from one another.  By doing this, you will be able to check all of the spaces to maximise all of the storage.

Step 3: Brush and detach storage parts

Once you have removed all of the contents and the moisture, you can now safely detach all of the plastic dividers. The disassembly should be done once there are no moisture and contents left on the inside environment.  Make sure you have a checklist of the following items to make sure you are not missing any parts for cleaning:

  • Egg tray
  • Vegetable trays
  • Water Racks
  • Freezer racks
  • Ice dividers
  • Metal Racks

By removing each one you can do a thorough cleaning. Thorough cleaning means, you will be able to scrub and sanitise each piece. To keep it further away from the bacteria and microbes, you can soak these elements on a vinegar – water solution, or a bleach – water solution (depending on your preference). The sterilisation dip, should take place for about 15-20 minutes and could take longer if there are more deep-seated specks of dirt or stains from spills and egg breakage inside the fridge.  Once done with brushing, air dries the components or pat dry with a paper towel or tissue.

  Step  4:  Sanitise and wipe the fridge walls

The fridge walls are the most commonly ignored parts of the refrigerator. Once all of the other parts are removed it now gives you a good space on cleaning the walls thoroughly. The internal walls of the fridge are the ones where the bad smell of the contents sticks to. So for better clean up and healthier environment, you can use the vinegar + water solution, or the lemon + water solution for a fresher take. You can use a paper towel on doing this process, a cloth or a rag is not advisable since it may cause some bacterial spread out through the surface of the ref walls.  While on the other hand if you are using paper towels, you can just replace it right away when it gets soggy and torn. 

Step 6: Air dry the insides

After doing all of the suggested above, this is now the perfect time to air dry the refrigerator.  You can just simply open the fridge doors, to dry it naturally.  You can also start to put some pieces of organic charcoal to help the air absorb some bad odor or even some aerial impurities inside the refrigerator.  You can do the air drying for an hour or two, depending on the dampness or the size of the fridge!

Step 7: Remove all the dust 

After deep cleaning the refrigerator internally, now is the time to clean the outer sides of it.  Turn back your fridge to make you have a closer look at the outsides of it, especially the back panel. The back panel houses all of the mechanism and motors of the fridge which is often times being seated by dirt, like specks of dust, webs and many more. Sometimes, this dirt is penetrating the insides of the fridge by making their way inside the motor. To clean the dust off the back part, a vacuum cleaner will to big help! Easily, operate the vacuum and let it do its job. Be sure to aim at all of the spots for you not to miss any.  This practice will make sure that you are keeping a healthy environment inside the refrigerator!

Step 8: Polish the outsides

Since we’re all set with the internal and external cleaning processes for a healthier fridge, now’s the time to give it an extra shine! This does not only beautifies the fridge, but it also prevents it from rusting. To prevent the ref from rusting, you can polish your fridge with metal polish or wax. It is also advisable to use your car polish if you have it.  This does not only makes the ref shine but also makes it more efficient and last longer. A plastic finished fridge can also be polished by using candles or wax. Just melt the wax or the candle in a casserole and use up the wax as a body rub.

Once sure that you did a good coverage, get a dry rag to wipe your fridge This process makes the plastic a little shinier while making sure that it makes it somehow water resistant. This also help you maintain your refrigerator  in a less expensive way.

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