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Clutter will disorient your brain and can make you stress. According to a study in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, women who visited their homes cluttered or have unfinished projects were more probably had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, depressed, and tired out than those women with homes that were restful and recuperative.

For this cause, it is best that you declutter every area of your home. When you possess a clean house, you will be more coordinated and can live a balanced spirit. To help you achieve this, we have listed some ways on how to declutter your home to attain a healthy body and peace of mind:

1. Categorise the goods

You may group your food stock in your pantry. Place each group in one shelf. For example, you put your stock of canned goods in one level of your pantry and your baking goods on the other level. Also, group your stock of pasta noodles and grains, among others. You may also label your spices and group them in your pantry drawer or in your kitchen cabinet. Categorising your food stock can organise your kitchen cabinet and pantry. This can also make you prepare your food easily and fast.

2. Use organising tools

Buy storage baskets and canisters and place your food stock such as snacks, flour, and sugar, among others. With this, you can easily get what you need and at the same time can make your kitchen clean and neat.

Also, buy storage for your kid’s toys. The toys that are scattered can be easily kept in this storage cabinet. The baskets can also be used in the bathroom. Categorise your bathroom essentials such as bath towels, and label them on your baskets.

3. Throw away the expired items

You must remove the expired food regularly in your pantry and kitchen cabinet. Hence, you will have more space for your new purchases. Likewise, it can make you safe for not eating expired foods.

Also, check your bathroom essentials every three months. There may be some items that have reached their expiration dates. These include a bottle of sunscreen, mouthwash, body wash, and bath cream, among others.

4. Clear the kitchen counter or island

Make sure that your kitchen counter or island is clear from any things such as keys, utensils, books, etc. Also, always make your kitchen counter or island clean. This will enliven your kitchen making it beautiful and inviting to cook a meal for the family.

5. Sort out your clothes and accessories

You may keep your out of season clothes and accessories in storage bags that are space saving. You may also use foldable fabric storage and place it under your bed. Also, you can give some of your unused clothes to charity. In this way, you have more space in your closet and at the same time, you can help those in need of clothes.

6. Detangle cords and cables

Cables and cords that are tangled are quite perplexing to look at. These include cables of your chargers, laptop wires, and lamp cords, among others. It is advisable that you detangle them and keep them in a cable box. This can make your room tidy. Also, you can label the cords using a decorative Washi tape.

7. Clear the center table or coffee table

Experts say that to make the room clutter-free including the living room, the top of your coffee table must be 75% clear. In this case, you must not put many decorative things on top of your center table or coffee table. These include candles, ashtray, candy bowl, books, flowers, and vase, among others.

8.Donate item or appliances

Some people are used to give one item in their house each day to other people. Some even give some of the furniture at the end of the year. It will make a difference when you lessen an item in your house each day or year.

9. Get one large bag and fill it

One decluttering technique is to fill a big trash bag with things that you don’t need anymore inside your home. You may give the bag to a recycle shop or give it away. Also, you must fill the bag quickly. With this, your room will be completely out of trash.

You may also take the 12-12-12 challenge in which you have to find 12 items to donate, 12 items to throw away, and 12 items to put in their proper location. This would be exciting and fun to organise your things.

Indeed, you will have a serene mind and healthy body when you declutter your home with the above ways. It is not only good for your overall well-being but can also make your home inviting and welcoming to other people.

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