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Choosing the perfect cooker hob for your home is one of the most confusing parts of building the kitchen. Worry no more as we are here to help you out with this common kitchen dilemma. We’ve rounded up the things you need to know with our cooker hob buying guide. Whether it’s gas, electric, induction or ceramic, we will help you out!

Know the difference of each kind, plus get to know their performance values and efficiency. Add the best pans to be used, we have it all answered as well! With the cooker hob as one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment, a quality product with a good match to your needs will surely make all the cooking jobs worth the while.

Knowing where to put your cooker hob will help you ease out the narrowing down of options. Some cooker hobs are tabletop. and some are built-in.  So you should also consider this. Tabletop cooker hobs and built-in hobs are usually almost the same as 60 – 70 cm width. It requires cut-outs to make it perfect for your kitchen’s aesthetics!

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Now, let us get started on getting to know the types of cooker hobs available in the market. All facts explained, and even the things you might not know about this type of kitchen appliance.

1. Gas Hob



Gas hob remains the most popular choice of cooker hobs amongst home cooks. This makes a great selection for cooks who love to have the heat easily, responsively with every kind of pan they are using. Most gas hobs have ignition knob rather than the main power buttons. This makes it easy for the control of the fire and temperature while cooking. This takes users away from long-pressing the button to make the temperature higher. For faster washing, gas hobs can be removed but they can still take time to look best. A gas plate is a good choice if you use a wok regularly, preferably one with a high power wok burner. Get a gas hob with a variety of grades that suit different cooking styles. You must have your hob professionally mounted by a certified gas handyman to make sure that it is safely installed.

Most conventional gas hobs are made with stainless steel that might be coated with glossy paint for easier cleaning and better looks.  With gas as the main component of this appliance, it should also remain that our main concern is the safety of how it is being put up into your kitchens. Above all, safety is what matters most, more than the aesthetics and functionality.

2. Glass-on-Gas Hob

The second type of gas hob is the glass-on-gas cooker hob. This might be the perfect cooker hob for you if you’re a gas fan. But you will be fed with mess and spillage that’s hard to clean out a conventional stainless steel gas hob. Gas burners are mounted on ceramic glass, which makes it far easier to clean the surface. Nevertheless, the glass displays some fingerprint marks which is inevitable with glass surfaces. And sometimes with the difference of materials used between the main body and the burners, it can still be difficult to clean. You will be in need of different cleaning materials to make it glistening!

One downside of the glass-on-gas hobs is that the burners don’t heat up just as fast as on an electric glass hob, but that precise heat and control of a standard gas hob will be achieved. The knob is still present to make it more precise with the temperature and amount of fire that you need for cooking. Just like the conventional gas hob, a professional should be called to install the product for safety purposes.

3. Induction Hobs


Induction hobs heat the pot directly through the spiral coil under the glass surface, which directly transfers the heat to the pot. It works under special conditions when in use. Until an iron-based magnetic pan is placed on it, the glass itself is not heated for cooking. This means that you will be in need of iron-based magnetic cookware for the induction hob to function properly. The cooker cools off when the pot is removed and thus the chance of burns decreases. The instant cooling makes a good safety feature for all home cooks, and most especially if you have kids at home who uses the cooker hob. Induction hobs are becoming more and more common because they are easy to use, reactive, energy-efficient and easy to clean. 

One of the main points that you should consider if you are planning to use an induction hob is some physical body conditions. If you are using mechanical devices for health reasons such as artificial pacemakers, hearing aids and other devices inside the body, you should never use an induction hob at home.  The strong electromagnetic force might interfere with your body’s device which might cause malfunctions to the device itself and some complications for your health as well. If you have the mentioned conditions, this is not the perfect cooker hob for you. 

4. Electric ceramic hobs



In electric ceramic cooker hobs, the heating mechanisms are placed under the rugged ceramic glass surface. The patterned areas on the surface of the glass represent the heat source size and location. All of them do not only have a security instrument that prevents the overheating of the ceramic glass. But it also has a smooth and easy to clean surface. Heat distribution around the bottom of cups is however not as strong as it is during gas cooking.

Some other important points to consider when choosing the perfect cooker hob:

  • Child-safety controls. Your cooker hobs should some with childsafe Touch controls that can be locked. This will make the hob safe from children accidentally turning the hob on.
  • Removable controls. A good cooker hob should come with a removable control For easier and faster cleaning.
  • Ultra-rapid burners. An ultra-rapid burner will make your task easier should you want to bring water to boil or frying food in a wok.
  • Flame failure protection. the burner goes out accidentally, the flame will re-light automatically or gas stops running.
  • Removable pan supports Can be taken apart and washed. Consider not only the weight but also robustness.
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