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Eating is an essential part of living. The whole process of it makes the human body work and function properly. Apart from the needs of the body, it also satisfies our minds with an unexplainable sense of fulfillment every time we eat a portion of food we crave for. Eating out  isn’t totally bad. Of course, just like any other things, there are pros and cons which needs to be reconsidered. 

According to Nielsen Survey Singapore, there are 22%  Singaporeans who eat out daily. In a day, 1 metric ton of food wastes are being generated in the country. Imagine that?  It could actually feed a whole town with a population of 20,000 people. Convenience is the main rising reason why Singaporeans eat out in go hawker centers. With this being said, one of the cons arising to this problem is that there are so many food wastages being produced due to outside dining practices.

Right now, we are here to point out the common problems, and some ways how to avoid food wastage when eating out.

1. Ask For Divided Portions

It might sound weird, but yes, it is your right on how you want your food to be served. Be it a local diner, or a fine dining restaurant, you can tell them to split your food in a portion of two. With this being practiced, you won’t be spoiling the food you can’t finish! You could even get away with overeating. When your food is served, you can just have the half portion for consumption and leave the other one untouched portion if you can. By that, you will be able to have a close watch on your diet, while saving for a takeaway that you could give to others or consume for the latter. You can just pop the untouched food into the microwave and eat it on the safest time possible. 

2. Have What You Really Want

Sometimes when we see a restaurant menu, it takes out the hunger inside of us to a whole new different level. Looking at it, it is not really our appetite that tells us that we need to order more -it is just the mind getting excited with a food carnival. When you have plans on having an eat-out dinner, it is always helpful to check the online menu. By this, your mind will be set into a specific path. This points you to the specific food you want should be the ones on your table. Nothing more! So when you reach the restaurant, your goal is on the focus. Just have the food that you want instead of having a lot. This does not only help us to minimise food wastes from the extra sets of food we ordered but we didn’t actually want. This also sets us on the path with a healthier lifestyle which is away from overeating.

This practice alone could help us reduce up to 40% of food wastes we generate in our daily life. Lastly, it is also economical!

3. Order in Advance

Calling in orders in advance, or doing reservations is a practice that we usually do if we want to save a lot of time. Do you know that when you order in advance, you are also minimizing food waste generation? Looking at 90% of the time, when we order in advance,  we arrive at our reserved dining table with all of the food we wanted to eat. This drives us away on having more of the food we can’t actually consume. It’s at least when you have something laid out, and there might some need for more, you can just have an additional order for a new one. 

4. Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

Last August 2018, a Singaporean Survey has been made and they found out that dining out is not just made for special occasions. Rather, it has become a part of the country’s lifestyle. Keeping up with a busy schedule might be hard, but it’s at least also a priority to have a close watch with your diet and nutrition. When you develop a healthy lifestyle, it is more likely for you to look away from eating out.  The practice of eating out yields a lot of food wastes. Remember, that at least when you prepare food at home, you have the full control with what you have to consume.  You can also maximise the ingredients by making something more out of it. You can also make sure that you are eating fresh as you are the main person who took ingredients out of the refrigerator, and you even bought all of them by yourself. 

As they say, home cooking is still the best!

5. Plan Eat Outs Properly

When you are a busy person, it is very hard to keep up with your busy schedule. This is why we suggest that instead of just driving to the nearest restaurant to you for a meal, why not just plan your eat outs properly? With this being practiced, you will be able to keep a calendar and mark the days when it is the most essential day for you to spend time and money eating outside the house. Keeping day plans on track will also keep you away from eating out. This saves you 100% of your unscheduled outside eating splurges. We suggest that the best days to eat out are the days when it is the most efficient and convenient. With you holding your plan, you are not just minimizing food wastage generation, but also gives you some more time with a better nutrition and more financial savings.

6. Bring Your Reusable Containers

Reusable containers are big help when it comes to food waste management. You can use this reusable containers as your personal leftover labels. This will help you maximise the food that you have paid for by taking all of the remaining food at home.  It also helps the environment, because you are taking part on reducing the world’s plastic waste generation.  When you take away these leftovers home, there is no better way but to keep them into your very own property, giving you that assurance of proper food container sanitisation. It also assures you, that the containers are properly cleaned and handled with your personal touch.

Eating out might be a part of today’s modern and busy lifestyle. Still, there are still some more ways on how we could go away from this main source of a big problem -food waste generation. All you have to do is to become a little more organised and controlled, not only with your cravings but also with your general health!


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