#1 One-Stop Home Repair Service Provider | Yeobuild HomeRepair

Reliable- 40 years in serviceBe reassured that we will fix your home repair in no time

Credible- Authorised service provider for 7 established brandsOur standards have allowed us to partner with some of the world’s most established home appliances brands

Relax- 1 year warranty for all repairs Have a piece of mind that your home problems are well-taken care of.

How We Work?

1. Flexible Booking System

We have made it convenient for you! Book your appointment at any time, using our booking system or over the phone. We will also advise you on the Call-Out Charge on the spot as well!

2. Confirmation Of Booking

Our friendly customer service officers will contact you the next working day to confirm the service details for you. You will also be reminded about the call-out charge, payable at the arrival of our technicians..

3. Checking

On arrival, our professional technicians will proceed to conduct an inspection of your problem to provide you an accurate quotation for repair.

4. Communicating With You

We believe you will want to understand what is going on! Our technicians will explain the work process, addressing any concerns you may have. They will also advise you on the quotation, based on our fee schedule.

5. Work Commencement

We aim to do all repairs on-site. We believe it is more convenient for you!

6. After-Repair Services

After repairing, we are not done yet! We will clean up the area and provide you an Electronic Service Report! Photos and Work descriptions are included to let you better understand what we have done. If needed, we can explain the repair process too!

For your convenience, we allow payment by cash, cheque, bank transfer and even PayNow!

7. Customer Satisfaction

To ensure we maintain our standards, our customer service officers may call you to obtain your feedback!

Do you need a technician now?

We can provide same-day home repair service if you call us early.

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