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Your home appliance isn’t as reliable as you think

Knowing to troubleshoot these common home appliances could spare you from sudden breakdown nightmares.

Nobody’s safe from home appliance breakdowns

Everybody’s been there: when you’re in a rush to finish something and then your trusty home appliance wouldn’t cooperate.

You’re preparing a special homemade meal for the weekend family dinner when your cooker hob won’t work. You’re rushing to an important interview but your water heater decided you deserve a cold shower. You’re throwing a huge party but your wine chiller is being quite the party pooper.

It’s all too familiar.

This Home Appliance Troubleshooting Guide will help you navigate those stressful moments with ease:

COver all bases

Cooker hob? Microwave oven? Wine chiller? We’ve fixed them all! And you’re getting insider tips on troubleshooting the common symptoms. Take this as your go-to guide to home repair.

know the signs

That weird noise can be cause by anything – or is it? Keeping an eye out for the warning signs can help you decide what to do next. Know the most common symptoms and get DIY repair recommendations, if that’s what you’re into.

no more guessing

When you’re fed up DIY-ing the repair of your home appliance but you’re not ready to part with it yet: Should you leave it to the professionals or should you give up? The repair expert weighs in!

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