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Every family starter begins with a good home plan. Designing family homes will never be complete without the kids’ room. Experts and interior designers quote that the kid’s room is the most challenging, yet the most enjoyable part of home plan creation. Some common dilemmas of kid’s room designing are the safety, cost, and design. It also includes the function and the purpose it will serve for the children. 

A kid’s room is also considered as one of the most frequently redesigned spaces inside the home. Kids grow. They grow fast, so as their living spaces. Basically, it is like setting up a moving target. It should be festive, flexible, safe and easy to change. Since our kids will be starting up their pondering years inside their rooms, we should always know some things to consider regarding this part of the plan. Check out as we share the furniture ideas and tips for your kids’ room. 

A. Furniture Ideas

Picking Colours 

Choosing a color for those family starters is a very tricky part of the home planning. Sometimes we plan too early that we are not sure what will be the gender of the kids will be.  So for a better and more efficient preference, it os h always good to pick a furniture color which is neutral and light in nature. It’s going to be tough to set a color story for your newborn that’s going to be able to serve your child all the way through high school, so, think about colours that you can adapt as they grow older. For shelves, it is always safe to have the natural wood stain color, and if we are looking for colored wood furniture, pick ones with light hues like the greens, reds, and blues. These colours are gender and age neutral. This practice will leave us with a more diverse choice when it comes to gender and age appropriateness. 

Using Open Shelves

A kids room will surely be filled with lots of goodies like toys, books, and school materials. We suggest that it is always better to use open shelves for safety and convenience reasons. This makes our children’s personal navigation easier and quicker when looking for some stuff inside his/her room. This also makes a safer environment for the kid inside the house. Open shelves take our kids away from climbing into close shelves which cause a lot of household accidents among children.  By providing plenty of open shelves with bins or baskets to keep toys and games contained. 

Choosing Bigger Furnitures

Sometimes parents would think that tiny things are cute. This belief is true, but it is not very economical.  Imagine changing your bedding and closets right after three years. This will cost you an additional of not only SGD 700.00 but also the time and effort of reimagining how the kids’ room will look like. To help your kids stay organised, keep things at their height. Closet storage, benches and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily.

Choosing bigger pieces of pieces of furniture will also prepare your kids from being ready with personal space and independence. These bigger pieces will also make your space more efficient when it comes to storing the bulk of your kids’ stuff and belongings instead of having it stuffed in the living room. 

Picking Plastic vs. Wood

One of the hardest decisions to pick is choosing between plastic or wood fixtures. Knowing the smart choices will do a very big change inside the home safety and mobility within your kid’s room. Bigger pieces of furniture are advised to be made out of wood. It does not only ensure durability, but also the safety that the kids have. Beddings and closets are the high-risk pieces of types of furniture for children.  They tend to climb and play around these types of furniture that is why it should be made out of hardwood. This will make it immovable and sturdy which away from falling over our kids. 

While for smaller fixtures like study tables and chairs, these should be made out of plastics. This will enable the kids and even you as their parent to easily move these pieces. These are the things inside a kids room which should be easily moved for the kids’ convenience and boosted creativity. They will be able to create their own creative environment and having dedicated personal space for their productivity. 

Checking Convertible Furnitures

Convertible furniture is a type of fixtures which have the ability to be recreated for a different purpose.  Just like beds which could be rolled over as shelves in the walls. We also have some movable tables with built-in chairs. As described these types of items of furniture are designed to maximise any space.  Kid’s space should always be spacious to serve any purpose for their development, personally and physically. They should be having a maxed out portion of their room which they could use for playing, studying, and even for resting.  It will also make the kids room more ventilated, keeping it away from pollutants and germs. 

B. Designing Tips

Make It 3-5 Tones Colourful

In designing our kids’ rooms, we should always take note that color is the main thing to consider. To make it more cute, parents would pick a lot of colours as much as they can. This is a wrong practice. It will saturate the kids mind and bombard it with information.  Instead of painting it with different colours, paint it with 3 shades, and add colorful artworks and toys instead. The practice of 3-5 shade principle boosts kid’s creativity.

Follow Their Interest

Most kids aging from 3-10 have a passion for something: space, insects, the color pink, Hello Kitty or a popular cartoon character. If possible, work your child’s favorite subject into the bedroom’s theme. It doesn’t take much – a few wall decals and a comforter are enough to set a theme and delight your child. When you keep it simple, it’s easy to modify the room’s style as your son or daughter matures. This will also keep them guided to the path they enjoyed during their younger days. 

Always remember that no matter how we wanted to design our kids’ room, we should always put the convenience and safety first. So before you pull up any plan, it is also helpful to check it with home maintenance experts to help you properly plan and execute your layout for your cute kids’ growing environment. It doesn’t matter if it makes an eye-candy for our kids eyes, what matters is that it should be conducive and safe for their growing years.

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