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Energy saving gadgets can reduce energy use and the cost of electric bill. With these things, you could end up saving money. At the same time, they are helpful for the environment.

Why not invest on these things to make your life more comfortable and easier. In line with our goal to provide you home improvement ideas, we have listed some of the energy-saving gadgets that could make your home smarter:

1. LED light bulb

Light Emitting Diodes (LED) light bulbs are extremely energy efficient. They could last longer and consume only 2 to 17 watts of electricity, which is about one-third of incandescent or the compact fluorescent.

The battery life of the LED light bulb could extend to 10 to 15 times longer than the incandescent bulbs. It is smarter to use a LED light bulb than the incandescent bulbs. You can save around $80 worth of electricity by using a single bulb. Definitely, you could save electricity and at the same time cool your home.

2. Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat could manage your home’s climate and temperature including heating and cooling and certainly make a slash in your electric bill. It could control your home’s temperature whether it drops or raises even while you’re gone.

Another good thing about this gadget is that you could adjust the temperature of your home wherever you are. With this gadget, you will learn when and how you will use your heating and air conditioning on your home. Definitely, you could save energy throughout the year.

3. Timer Plug

Sometimes you leave the charger of your phones and other devices plugged in all night. Probably, because you are too tired and sleepy to wake up. This is a waste of energy.

To remedy this problem, you could use a smart timer plug, in which you could set the plug to the right time to charge. For example, a phone usually takes about 4 hours to charge. You could set the plug from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. In this way, you could not waste energy and save money too.

4. MicroBot Push

Do you want to change your home appliances into smart ones and save time and energy? The MicroBot Push is the answer. This gadget is a wireless robotic finger that can push buttons of light switches, appliances such as audio players, coffee makers, desktops on Wi-Fi, electric fans, or any other things with buttons. You could control these things using your computer or smartphone.

In case, you have forgotten to turn off the light or electric fan, you could use the MicroBot Push to turn it off. This could save energy and time using automation.

5. Energy Monitor

Probably, you are busy turning on your gadgets each day and surprise to see a huge amount of electric bill at the end of the month. The best thing to do is to have a home energy monitor that could oversee which of your appliances is using the most energy. Also, this energy monitor could provide you feedback on your energy use as well as display its cost. With this, you could know how to cut the energy use in your house and become efficient.

6. Smart Home Virtual Assistants

The examples of these smart home virtual assistants are the Amazon Echo, Alexa, and Siri, among others. These things could connect to your gadgets and devices such as lights, entertainment center, security system, and thermostat. You could control them using a voice command. If you want to turn on or off your lights or television you may do so using these personal assistants. You could easily monitor the energy use of your appliances with these smart things.

7. Occupancy Sensor

.Probably, you are a sort of person that forgets to turn off the light in the toilet after using it. A room occupancy sensor will do that for you. This smart gadget is primarily used to save energy. It is automated and will turn off the lights when you leave the room. Likewise, it will turn on the lights once you entered the room. It could also detect the level of natural light and will not turn on the light if it is not needed.

Embracing this energy-saving technology in your home could help you and the environment. You could make your home smarter by using these smart lighting bulbs, plugs, thermostats, monitor, and assistants. They are not only cost-effective and energy efficiency but also convenient to use.

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