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Creating a kitchen concept for your home makes one of the most exciting things to do. Once you are done with the layout, the next questions include, “What is the best appliance to install?” Now, let’s have our focus on one of the kitchen staples. Let’s talk about the cooker hobs!

With the different types of cooker hobs available in the market, it is really hard to decide on which one to get. There a lot of indicators and factors that are in dire need of checking.

Let’s start:

1. Build and source of heat

Gas cooker hob

a. Gas Cooker Hob

As the name of the appliance implies, the gas cooker hob mainly uses a gas tank for it to produce fire or heat for cooking. Just like any other cooker hobs, the gas hob could be a tabletop or could be a built-in appliance that needs a technical installation from experts. The fire control or heat control mainly relies on knobs. Once the gas tank runs out, you have to change or refill it with new ones to make it usable again. Most of the gas hobs are made using stainless steel and other alloys. The ones using the appliance has a direct exposure to the flame which makes it more prone to hazards and other types of kitchen incidents. But this isn’t always the case for everyone. Modern gas hobs are also ensured with new safety guidelines in the country.  

b. Induction Cooker Hob

Induction cooker hobs are the newer and more innovative types of cooker hobs. This type of kitchen appliance is usually made out of colored tempered glass. Among the production units, 90% of induction hobs available in the market are tabletops. This means that it needs a meticulous installation by having it installed from cutout dimensions. The main source of heat is mainly from electricity. No need to tap into a gas tank, all you need is to plug it in on an energy source.  It is also safer as it is made with to heat up only metals.  This makes it safer for usage especially if you have kids at home. The user of the appliance doesn’t have direct exposure with heat, as it cannot transfer heat from a human’s body from the appliance itself.

Note: Simply put, many people are loyal to gas-cooking because they are most familiar with this process. Instead of going to one they’ve never used before, many chefs prefer using a cooking method that they already learn inside and out. Gas cooker hobs certainly win in the comfort department when pitting induction cooktop vs gas cooktop.


2. The convenience and ease of use.

induction hob

a. Gas Cooker Hobs

Having the cooker hob as one of the earliest types of cooker hobs, people find it to be more convenient. It has easier controls as there are easy to switch knobs that could indicate the level of flame or temperature that you are in need of while cooking your family’s favorite meals. The knobs are also quick to change your temperature desire as it has a 0% latency with its function. Just switch the knobs, and voila!  The temperature has been changed in an instant.

b. Induction Cooker Hobs

With the induction cooker hob having its main source of heat from electricity, there is a more technical approach when it comes to its convenience.  The main control panel of the induction hob is mainly digital. This means that you will be dealing with little LCD screens and touch buttons for control. Some induction hobs also have their timers that adds to its convenient functions. One of the downsides of the induction cooker hob is that it doesn’t have the ability to change the temperature in an instant. It has a 15-20% latency in producing the desired heat that you need for cooking.


Note: A major difference between a gas and an induction stovetop is that induction is significantly more efficient than gas–food cooked with induction can receive 90 percent of the heat generated, compared to just 40-55 percent for gas. It makes your kitchen much warmer as you prepare meals. Cooking by induction also reduces the risk of burns and accidental fires, since there is no open fire and the cookware itself is the only source of heat.


3. Price Range of the appliance

a. Gas Cooker Hob

Technically, gas cooker hobs have more variations compared to the induction hobs. There are some built-in gas cooker hobs, tabletops,  and even 2-in-1.  This means that you have a lot of options to choose from. And as a general rule, as bigger the appliance gets,  the higher tag price it will also have. It has an average range of SGD 300.00  to SGD 700.00 in price. Generally, the smaller ones that could be best compared with induction hobs starts its price range from SGD 300.00 – SGD 400.00 for two burners. Also, consider the amount of gas needed for consumption! Sometimes, the shop also has special prices that might help you snatch great deals! 


b. Induction Cooker Hob

With the induction cooker hobs out in the market, product innovation has been consistent as well. There are so many variations when it comes to additional functions and added innovations.  Those innovations are the ones playing a vital role when it comes to the appliance’s price tag. The introductory price for 2-burner cooker hobs starts from SGD 700.00 – SGD 900.00 for two-burners. The modern and elegant finish of the appliance also says a lot about its higher price range. Apart from that, it also needs special cookwares which are commonly flat-bottomed pans and casseroles for it to properly function. So if you decided to get an induction hob, you should also prepare yourself in buying compatible cookware!


Note: The price range is actually a very subjective matter to be discussed when it comes to competition. The pricing depends on aesthetics, functions and even durability.  It also includes the reputation of the appliance, the brands, and many others.



What is the best choice, then? Is cooking by induction better than the more traditional gas method? It’s all about weighing the various benefits against one’s own personal preferences and priorities. No matter what you choose, one of the best things is that your appliance should be properly installed in your kitchen for efficiency and safety. Never do a DIY installation if you are not an expert. You can always call in expert help to make your home innovation safe and convenient!



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