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Some people love efficient cleaning, but others loathe it not because it’s a tedious task, but because it can be time-consuming. And with the busy schedules we all have, that’s understandable. However, that’s not an excuse for you to live in a filthy home. What you can do is to decorate your house in such a way that you don’t need to spend a lot of time for cleaning. Imagine the money you can save by doing the cleaning on your own instead of regularly hiring professional services.

So, where do we start? Good news because we have collated some of the most practical tips that you can follow.  

Use Hardworking Cleaning Chemicals for your Floor

If you want to maintain a clean floor, make sure that you use hardworking cleaning chemicals that can melt grime and mould sitting between your tiles. It would be best to use cleaners with antibacterial properties to ensure that you are living in a healthy home. Efficient cleaning requires hardworking chemicals!  Take note of that! 

Identify Items You Regularly Use

If you want to easily clean your house, it is the best time that you practice minimalism. Try to identify which things you REALLY need and use regularly. Those that are not included in your list can be kept in your storage and can be donated. The more things you have, the longer you need to clean up. Bottom line is, trim down the items that you own. Efficient cleaning also works when you have your items tidied up! 

Choose Low Maintenance Fabrics

You can also consider fabrics that are easy to clean and that do no easily stain. Use these for your couch or curtain and you don’t have to worry about replacing it every now and then. Leather is a nice pick for your couch because you can easily wipe it. Suede is a good fabric choice too. But if you want to use other kinds, just apply stain-resistant treatment.   

Purchase Casters

To easily move your big furniture, you can also make use of casters. Casters, if you must know, are a set of small wheels that can be attached to big furniture for mobility. Remember to get the ones with lock or your kids can easily push it.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Getting multi-purpose furniture does not only save space, it drastically cuts cleaning time. Invest in furniture that can double as storage. For example, use a unique ‘chest’ as a coffee table. Or maybe you can buy beds that have additional storage underneath. Store all your board games, photo albums, and even toys in these storages, and have a cleaner home from now on.

Use Your Wall  

You can save on space if you know how to cleverly use your wall. And by having more space, it gives a feeling of a cleaner abode. Hang your picture frames and you can even have a spot to hang your coats. Efficient cleaning can be achieved by properly using your walls at home. 

Organize Your Stuff

And lastly, it is important that you know how to organize your stuff. There are actually a number of techniques you can use. Here are some of our favorites.

Use Rail in Your Sink Cabinet

This will help you organize your cleaning products and it will allow you to use the extra space for more things.

Get a Deep Kitchen Drawer

Stack your utensils vertically and it should be easier to organize and manage.

Have a Pull Out Basket in your Fridge

Group things together and easily get food from your fridge. This can minimize spills and will allow you to clean your ref the quickest time possible.

Get a Magazine Rack

Instead of having your magazines, newspapers, and documents scatter all over your table, have a magazine rack and place your reading materials in there.

Decorating your home does not have to be hard if you wish to clean it easily. Just remember, use low maintenance items and organize your stuff regularly. We tell you, just by following these tips, your life will be so much better.

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