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Cleaning your home is essential to make it beautiful and keep you healthy. However, some people are guilty of committing cleaning mistakes from the wrong cleaner to faulty dusting.

These things can make your home dirtier and might damage some of your appliances. To avoid these scenarios, we have furnished some common cleaning mistakes that you can deflect to preserve you from trouble and time:

1. Not washing the sponge

The sponge you use for dish washing, cleaning counters or appliances may be a breeding ground for bacteria if left uncleaned. Often times, many people forget to clean the sponge. To clean the sponge, you just soak it in a bowl and let it run in a microwave for a few minutes. Also, you can put it in boiling water. Clean your sponge at least once a week. In case, your sponge discolors you have to replace it with a new one.

2. Using a feather duster

Experts say that feather dusters can spread dust around the area instead of removing it. It tends to push the dust off and fall on the floor. It does not actually lock dust.  To effectively remove the dust on your home accessories and appliances use a microfiber cloth or a disposable paper towel. Apply a cleaning mixture on it and dust off your things.

3. Not cleaning the toilet brush

Many people are guilty of putting the toilet brush immediately at its holder without cleaning it. Once you used the toilet brush, keep in mind that there are germs trap in it, and they can multiply. In one case, you do not clean it the germs will rub back to your toilet. To remedy this, after using the toilet brush, clean and run it in water. Also, let it dry before you put it back in its holder.

4. Cleaning fast

Of course, you want the cleaning done quickly. However, sometimes when you clean quickly you miss some areas that need to be cleaned. Also, you tend to clean incorrectly when you clean fast thus making the dirt spread around the area. With this, you need to take time cleaning.

5. Not cleaning the vacuum

Unclean vacuum can have poor performance and cannot remove dirt and dust. Also, it will blow back the dust and dirt in the air including the carpet. You have to clean your vacuum once in a while. Clean the hose, vent, and vacuum attachments with a wet microfiber cloth or a moist paper towel to remove dirt. Make sure that the vacuum is unplugged before cleaning it. Also, you may replace the vacuum bags or canisters once they become full.

6. Forgetting to clean the sink

Sometimes people forget to clean the sink after using it. The sink is the one that is mostly used to remove the dirt on cooking pans, utensils, dishes, and foods. There are germs, bacteria, and food particles around the surfaces of the sink including the drain. To clean the sink, you may use a baking soda solution. Apply the solution on the sink and flush hot water in the drain to dispose of the germs and bacteria.

7. Running small kitchen tools in the dishwasher

The small kitchen tools such as the can opener, grater, and garlic press have small parts in which food particles might stick with them. These fine particles may become moldy if they are not removed properly. Some people run these kitchen tools in the dishwasher, but the fine particles are not removed. It is advisable then that you must clean these kitchen tools by hand using a bar of dish soap and hot water.

8. Cleaning from bottom to up

Cleaning from bottom to up may be useless because the dust and dirt on the top surfaces may fall on the ground. Hence, you have to mop and sweep the floor again.  To make your cleaning efficiency and save time and effort, you have to clean from top to bottom. You may begin cleaning the windows, top shelves of the cabinets, ceiling, walls, tables and counters, chairs and sofas and then the flooring.

9. Spraying liquid cleaner on electronics

Never spray liquid cleaners on electronics. This may cause damage to your electronics. To clean them just use a slightly damp microfiber cloth and wipe them carefully.

10. Cleaning the cutting board with a dish soap

The cutting board, whether it is plastic or wood can have cut from a knife that might trap fine food particles. Using a dish soap cannot remove these particles that may transfer to the foods that you are going to cut on the board. Instead of washing it with dish soap, you rather soak the cutting board in hydrogen peroxide or a bleach solution. Then, rinse the board with clean water and let it dry completely.  You may mix two tablespoons of bleach and one gallon of water for the bleach solution.

11. Not cleaning the washing machine

Often times, after using the washing machine you forget to clean it. The stains and dust mites, among others, may remain on the surfaces of the washing machine. Hence, the washing machine drum may turn to be stinky and the door becomes dirty. You have to clean the washing machine by pouring 1 liter of vinegar and 1 cup of baking soda for top loader washer. As well, clean the lid and the door and pat them dry. In cleaning the front-loading washer, you make a solution of ¼ cup baking soda and water. Pour the mixture in the detergent compartment together with 2 cups of vinegar in the washer drum. Let it run and then wipe the drum, door, detergent compartment, and its outside surfaces with a clean cloth.

12. Spraying the cleaner directly on the surfaces

Most of the time you spray the cleaner directly onto the dirty surfaces. This way may leave residue on the surfaces. Instead, get a microfiber cloth and spread the cleaner onto it. Wipe the surfaces with the cleaner.

Take into account these above cleaning mistakes and try to avoid them. In doing so, you will be cleaning smarter thus making you save time and effort and making your home more livable.

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