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Decorating your home requires creativity and resources. All you need to do is to enhance your imagination on things that you can use and do for your home decorations. And then show off your artistic side.

Likewise, you may take into account the functionality of your decorations and simply apply it in your space. To give you ideas on how to give new life to your home decors, we have listed some DIY tips that we think can make your home cool and in spirit.

1. Make use of decorative mirrors

Mirrors can provide the illusion of space making the area looks bigger. You can place big mirrors with an elegant design on the wall of your living area or dining area. And pair it with wall lamps on both sides. These decors can brighten and enlarge your space. The mirror is suitable in small space or those living in condominiums.

2. Enliven empty space with plants

Indeed, plants can lift an empty space making it alive and refreshing. You may place potted plants on areas that are vacant or just simply put them on top of your cabinet that leans against an empty wall. It will make an accent on your wall giving it more life. Some of these plants that you may decorate in your home include flowering plants, leafy trees, succulents, ferns, and other green ornamental plants. Also, you may use mason jars as vases for a change. Certainly, they will look beautiful and charming.

3. Brighten up with lights

Lighting could not only illuminate your space but also an accessory that can spice up your home. You may change your old lamp shade to a modern floor lamp and place it in your living area just right beside your sofa. This will make your living area comely and inviting.

Also, you can add pendant lights in your dining area just above your dining table. It will create a beautiful effect when turning on and at the same time, it makes your dining area appealing. In addition, you may put lights underneath the kitchen cabinets that can brighten your kitchen countertop. There are some LED lights that are available now in the market that you can just attach under the cabinets.

4. Give your furniture a fresh coat of paint

Be creative and play with colours when you give a fresh coat of paint on your wooden furniture. One example of this is painting your wooden coffee table and the chairs with the colour of your choice. Also, you may paint your wooden cabinet with a colour that is suitable for your space. It will make a difference making your space and furniture new and refreshing.

5. Make a masterpiece as a wall accent

Do make a project that can be a collage of pictures of your household and glue them on a canvass. You may paste the pictures in a big heart-shaped then frame and hang it on a wall in your living area or in the bedroom. You will be surprised at how it turns. Besides, it is lovely and meaningful.

Also, get a slice of wood or a tree bark then cover it with chalkboard paint. You may write any inspiring quote or verse and place it on the wall or a shelf. You can also build a gallery wall with the best photos and snapshots of your household on vacation trips with white frames. These can be good focal points on your wall.

Your home will become more personalised and welcoming with the above ways. Likewise, they spruce up and restore your spaces making your home energise and beautiful.

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