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Appliance damage myths surrounds us! Life can be so surprising! In our everyday lives, we are bounded to observe different facts, and of course myths as well! Myths are stories or ideas which don’t have any scientific or any proven facts to back these ideas up for them to be proven to be truthful or factual. This includes the fact that appliance damage myths also do exist. It is inevitable and causes a lot of confusion to homeowners! Check out as we share 10 appliance damage myths which are not true! 

1. Refrigerators should are meant to be just cleaned outside!

Oh no,  landing on the first spot of appliance damage myths is that fridge should be cleaned just on the outside.  This is a very bad practice when it comes to refrigerator maintenance.  Cleaning just the outside takes us away from cleaning the interior of the ref to be away from bacteria! Cleaning the insides of the refrigerator assures us that all of the food and things we store in are not being infested with germs and microbes which could be harmful to our health especially for young children!

Myth-buster:  Clean both inside and outside of the refrigerator for a clean and long-lasting appliance! 

2. It is safe to leave the dishwasher to be plugged in while being away from home for a long time. 

When you travel away from home for a long time, especially during the cold seasons, it is best to turn off and plug out our dishwashers. This does not only retains the longevity of the appliance but also helps you cut down electric consumption.  Just like any other home appliances, dishwashers still use energy just by plugging it in.  To ensure that you are not tearing your dishwasher ahead of time,  be sure to disconnect the power plugs and water inlet to keep it away from rusting.  It could also be helpful to place a pan under the inlet valve to surely catch all possible leak side.  

Myth-buster:  It is never safe to leave any appliance to be plugged in while being away from home for a long period of time.  

3. The self-cleaning cycle of the oven in the best way to clean it.

Nowadays, some ovens are already equipped with self-cleaning capabilities. One of the common appliance damage myth for the oven is by using the self-cleaning cycle to clean it.  Though there is this special function, we should always and still use the conventional cleaning method for our ovens. It is still advisable to use conventional and natural home remedies for cleaning.  This way, we can not just clean the oven physically, but also disinfect it from bacteria build-up.  There are some best natural home remedies to clean the oven. 

Myth-buster: Cleaning the oven with soap and water is still the best way to clean it! 

4. It doesn’t matter how heavy I load my washing machine.  

No!  Washing machines have a specific washing weight capacity. These capacities are indicated on the box, on the machine itself and on the manual of the appliance. You should carefully follow the load limit to make sure that the rotator and the engine of the washing machine are properly working.  This practice also makes sure that you are washing your laundry efficiently. If you will be loading the appliance beyond its intended load,  it might be causing some problems with the engine and might cause shorter appliance lifespan.  

Myth-buster: Always observe proper washing machine load limits for a longer-lasting and efficient washing machine. 

 5. Limited use of an appliance will make it last longer. 

This is one of the most common appliance damage myths. Yes, this could be factual to some appliances,  but is a very wrong practise to some appliances as well. In fact, some appliance like the dishwasher,  the microwave oven,  the washing machine and the electric cooker hobs will be damaged if not used regularly. These appliances are designed for continuous use to prevent some operational failures with their function. Let’s take the dishwasher as an example. If the dishwasher is not used for a couple of weeks, it might be causing its seals to dry out which causes the failure of the main tub spin seal. 

Myth-buster:  Use appliances on a regular basis, unplug or store them in boxes if planning to refrain from using them in a long span of time.  

6. Air conditioners are heavy-duty, which means it does not need maintenance. 

Air conditioners are really heavy-duty appliances. But just like any other household items, it is one of the most in need of maintenance.  Air conditioners, though functioning well, it still needs periodic cleaning and check-ups. Air filters of the air conditioners should be checked at least twice a year to clear the filter for the air conditioner to perform well over time. An efficiently functioning air chiller or air conditioner is the one which has clean filters. 

Myth-buster:  Air conditioners,  broken or not, should be checked by an air conditioner maintenance expert twice a year at least. 

7. All detergents are good with washing machines. 

Laundry detergents have varying compositions.  Some of the washing machine soaps make up a good percentage of chalk which might be causing some clogs with the engine and rotator which will cause further troubles over time.  Next time you buy detergent,  make sure to check its components to assure that it is a washing machine – friendly detergent. If you are not so technical about detergents, at least run an empty cycle on washing machines to help it rinse unnecessary particles or residues left from washing the laundry.  

Myth-buster: Be vigilant with your detergents, as it may cause some appliance damaging capabilities. 

8. Televisions are just fine being left plugged in even when not in use. 

Televisions are one of the top-energy consuming household appliances.  Just by leaving it plugged in into the outlet, it still consumes a lot of energy. Leaving it plugged in into a power source just causes minimal damage to the appliance itself, and also consumes a lot of electricity. So having it unplugged shoots two good things in just one shot. So next time you are not using your television, be sure to plug it out. This is practice is also very helpful to protect the television on times that there are some electrical surges at home, and especially if you are not using circuit breakers or voltage regulators. In some cases, appliances in stand-by mode can consume as much as 15-30 watts per hour – that’s a lot of power usage day after day, week after week.

Myth-buster: If the television is not in use, unplug it! 

9. An electric cooker hob functions well if continuously used.

Most people would suggest that you should be using your electric cooker hobs continuously or in a blast manner.  Actually, never do this.  Cooking all of the foods all at a time might be causing some problems not only your electric cooker hob but also with its electrical regulation and consumption. If you cook with pans and casseroles one at a time, you are giving the cooker hob the ability to maximise its efficiency by properly emitting the proper amounts of heat that the electricity could generate.  This function works like in refrigerators and dishwashers.  The more you load into the appliance, the more you are making the job difficult. Improper handling of the electric cooker hob might result in faster than usual wear and tear, or worst,  house fires. Take note of this one among other appliance damage myths! 

Myth-buster: Use your cooker hobs efficiently. Load your cookwares one at a time.  

10. It is fine to load warm foods inside the fridge. 

The main function of the refrigerator is to preserve food and chill them. We know that, and that’s a basic. But do you know that loading warm foods inside the refrigerator might be causing some damages with its cooling mechanism?  Warm foods inside the fridge will be causing sudden changes in the temperature. This will also make higher electrical consumption. The best way to make it running efficiently and to preserve its lifespan, make sure to cool down foods naturally, before loading it into the fridge.  This tip is very helpful for those bakers who are always blast-chilling their newly baked cake foundations.  It will be helping them to maximise the lifespan of their fridges that should last over time.  

Myth-buster: Let warm foods cool naturally before loading it inside the fridge to get away from damages.

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